Common Problems

Our feet carry the weight of our body and can walk more than 3 times around the earth in a lifetime! You should not have to put up with painful feet. A good podiatrist can ease or eradicate the pain and help provide long-term solutions to your foot problems.

Ingrown Toenails

An ingrown toenail is when the nail grows into the skin/flesh usually at the sides of the nail, irritation the tissue. Ingrown toenails can often become so inflamed that they are extremely debilitating and excruciatingly painful. Judy is very gentle and thorough in the removal of ingrown toenails and draws on 30 years of practical experience. Where she deems it necessary Judy will use surgical means to permanently remove the ingrown nail. This is done under local anesthesia (phenol/alcohol technique).

Foot Pain

Judy’s approach to these problems revolves around the mechanics of the foot. She evaluates the patient’s foot biomechanics and prescribes customised foot orthotics when needed. Problems that produce foot pain include Plantar Fascitis Heel Spur Syndrome, Metarsalgia, Morton’s Neuroma, bursitis, sesamoiditis, tendonitis and arthritis.

The Diabetic Foot

As part of diabetes it is of prime importance that you look after your feet. There is often progressive deterioration in the nerve supply to the feet. This, coupled with diminished circulation and high blood sugar can lead to foot complication, example foot ulcers. Therefore things like corns and callouses should never be over looked but rather seen by a podiatrist. Judy is able to give you good advice on the care of your feet in order to prevent complications.

Children’s Feet

At birth Children’s feet differ from those of adults, as they are not yet fully formed. Around 10cm long at birth, the feet will double in size by the time your child is one year old. At 5 years of age the foot is still mostly cartilage, by 18 years, most of the bones (one quarter of all the bones in the body) are fully formed. It is therefore wise not to ignore unusual gait patterns in children. Example, in-toeing, out-toeing, flat feet and awkward looking gait. Don’t ignore complaints of sore or tired feet and ankles. Judy is skilled at gait analysis in children and can fit children’s feet with customised orthotics to allow for unhindered bone and joint development.

Corns, Callouses and Verruca

Corns are the bodies response to direct intermittent pressure on the feet. They can range from sore to extremely painful. Callouses are the body’s response to intermittent friction and often produce a burning sensation. Judy is known for providing very gentle, thorough and relatively pain free removal of your corns and callouses. This has come from long years of practical, hands -on experience. A Verruca is another name for a wart on the foot. It is actually a virus that invades one of the seven layers of the outer skin. Judy can provide with a firm diagnosis and means to a long term resolution of your verruca.

Sports Injuries

Judy, a sportswoman herself and self-confessed exercise addict (runner/cyclist) has a particular interest in sports related foot problems. Judy is able to offer real practical help for overuse foot and foot related sports injuries. for example, shin splints, tendonitis, frequently sprained ankles, morton’s neuroma, sesamoiditis, excessive blistering, achilles tendon issues and knee, hip and lower back pain related to foot plant.

Heel Fissures

These are cracks that appear in the hard skin around the perimeter of the heel. Fishers can produce unending pain and discomfort if not given consistent treatment. Visiting a professional such as Judy on a regular basis will go a long way to keeping heel fishers in check.


The underlying cause of a bunion is faulty foot mechanics. It is not the bunion that is inherited but certain foot types that make a person prone to developing a bunion. Judy can assess your foot type and offer long term strategies to reduce the progression of your bunion. Judy’s wealth or experience in fitting authopedic footwear is frequently drawn upon as she advices her patients on shoes that will slow down the progression of their bunion.

Nail Problems

Thick unmanageable nails are caused by damage to the nail plate. Very often this damage is caused by a fungal infection which will start as a white veneer that can become yellowed, thick and crumbly. Judy quickly and effectively reduces these nails to a normal. manageable thickness and offers solution for treating the fungal elements.